About Us

Sadhav Shipping Limited was established in 1992 to create synergy and utilize the experience of the promoters in Shipping Industry, Govt. of India and Oil Industry.

Our Name: “Sadhav” is the maritime community of the Kingdom of Kalinga, the present day State of Orissa on the eastern coast of India, who had great expertise in maritime trade in ancient & medieval times. They were pioneers in colonising the far off lands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Burma & other countries. They had acquired wealth & power through their maritime trade & colonial expands. The word Sadhav also means ‘honest’ as the maritime community was renowned for honesty in their profession, trade and reign.

Our Logo:

The logo denotes a global venture through its circular shape. The bottom with thick blue lines represents the sea. Gradual change of the shades to lighter blue hue denotes the sky line. This represents the maritime trade with growth potential as the limitless sky. The flying seagull with spread out wings represents the adventurous nature of the company. The 45 o angle of the red line graphically denotes the trend of constant, sustained growth.